The Best Moments in Maldives as solo Indonesian female traveler

Published on February 1, 2021

Latest clips about Maldives Travel Vlog Malayalam, and National Museum Maldives, The Best Moments in Maldives as solo Indonesian female traveler.

Hi guys.
Welcome to my youtube channel. I’m a Muslimah solo Traveller who loves to travel and adventure in my own way. I travel with the student backpacker budget.

Traveling always inspires me more to see the beautiful world with my own eyes, meet genuine people where infinite kindness of strangers exists in this world, taste different local foods, learn the beautiful languages and experience the different cultures.

Maldives is a peaceful country with beautiful beaches and islands, an Islamic country, and Maldivians are very friendly.
I decided backpacker to Maldives when I got tickets promotion USD 101 for two ways from Kuala Lumpur -Maldives (velana airport) -Kuala Lumpur.

Maldives was my dream country, I thought it was not easy to make it became true as the budget specifically for student backpacker like me. The accommodation in Maldives is also affordable for backpackers from the price of USD19.11 when I booked with Airbnb. Here is my invitation for you guys to give you up to US$ 40 for your first trip using Airbnb.

I can also feel like a local when I stayed with Maldivian family in Maldives from, from them I learned a lot about the life of the Maldivians, the Maldivians language, Maldivian traditions, and cooked traditional Maldivian food. Maldivians are very friendly and genuine. I felt like stayed with my own family there. So thankful for them to be a part of my journey in Maldives.

The basic language of Maldivian,
Assalamualaikum : Halo! (Peace be unto you)
Haluu kihineh? : How are you?
Rangalhu: fine.
Aan : Yes
Noon : No
Shukuriya : Thanks
Kon nameh kiyanee? : what is your name?
Ma-aafu kirey : Sorry
Dhanee : Goodbye

Maldives is also very safe for solo travelers.

What I like most is the food, eating at the edge of the beach with waves, ocean’s smell, enjoying crystal clear water, white sand and golden sunset orange bounce on the surface of the sea. This is an unforgettable experience in Maldives. the food is also quite affordable for backpackers. In Male I found affordable food from the price of USD 5, at Mafushi, Vilingili, and Huhumale the price of food is from USD 10.

Transportation in Maldives.
My trip was in Maldives, Velana Airport – Mafushi – Male – Vilingili – Hulhumale.
From Velana Airport, You can use two alternatives with a direct ferry from Velana airport to Mafushi around USD 20-25 or a local ferry Velana-Male ticket ferry around USD 1 drop at the jetty 1 then grab a taxi to jetty ferry Mafushi with fee USD 2, ticket local ferry from male to Mafushi around USD 3. This is the link for the timetable local ferry arena-lodge-maldives-Maafushi-south-male-atoll / ferry /.
In Mafushi you can book many activities: a daily tour to a private bungalow around USD 110 / pax, water sport, etc.
You can spend 2 days to enjoy the tourist attractions in Mafushi.

Male is the capital of Maldives, in Male you can visit the National Museum, the Friday Grand Mosque, the Local Male Market, the Victory Monument, the Tsunami Monument, Jumhooree Maidhaan, Sultan Park, Rasfannu, Souvenir shops, and Watersports.

Vilingili is a local island that is very near from Male, the ticket ferry about USD 1, Vilingili has a nice view of the beach and water sport.

Hulhumale is one of the busy city in Maldives after Male, now it is very easy to visit it from Male with Male -Hulhumale bridge. Velana airport is also located in Hulhumale. Things to do in Hulhumale: Dune Maldives Diving Center, Hulhumale mosque, Hulhumale beach, Hulhumale park, and water sport.

Maldives beaches also famous with Bioluminescent Plankton if you’re lucky. you can see it between June and October. (

Happiness is not about getting what you want but enjoying and gratitude what you have.

Thanks for reading and watching. Have a good time! 😀

National Museum Maldives

National Museum Maldives, The Best Moments in Maldives as solo Indonesian female traveler.

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So, prepare to spend more cash, time and nerves, than, for example, in October. To put this to the test, get into team sports with your mates. The island is house to popular pirates along with rum factories.

The Best Moments in Maldives as solo Indonesian female traveler, Find top reviews about National Museum Maldives.

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The building includes some intricate carvings and is made mainly from coral. These places are rather pricey, even if you have discount foreign travel plans with you. The next would be Bermuda of the Caribbean Islands.

It seems a great deal of individuals are getting hung up with their itinerary and invest days on end reading all those “how to travel” short articles. The problem is, a lot of individuals forget to take into account their own personal needs when they travel. Here are a few of the important things you ought to truly bear in mind when planning your next travel adventure.

Maldives is likewise called a paradise for the gourmet. , if you enjoy to eat-especially seafood-then you will certainly have no problems here at all.. Every item on their cuisine deserves tasting.

The environment of Maldives Travel is an extremely pleasant one so you can plan your journey whenever you desire. The fantastic weather make it is a best holiday destination.

Some individuals might think Iceland is a location of isolation, isolation and chill. Nevertheless, it is so hot which will be out of your expectation, as there are many volcanoes, and twenty of them are still active. With many volcanoes, thus there are uncountable warm springs as the spin-offs. Maldives Travel Destinations to Iceland and delight in different kinds of hot springs can help when you are tired. Iceland is surely a place for relaxation, you can postpone all your tension in there!

The fist thing you ought to remember is that normally by the Maldives Tourist start of December all the best places are already scheduled. So, prepare to invest more cash, time and nerves, than, for example, in October.

When the international economy hits the skids, companies need your cash more than ever. This suggests there are some fantastic deals to be found if you hunt around and there is no much better method to beat those blues than to take a high-end holiday, at a deal cost.

Maldives foods typically consist of fish so you will have the ability to eat a variety of fish curry and comparable dishes. These can be easily tried in the different resorts and you would like to attempt them.

Going To the Neuschwanstein Castle located in Fussen in Germany, you will feel like dreaming. Searching for regional curios, devices and clothing is part and parcel of every journey. I’m quite specific that everybody knows it.

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The Best Moments in Maldives as solo Indonesian female traveler
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