Rhomaleosaurus Sea Dragon: Back to life in 360 VR

Published on December 14, 2020

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Teleport to the Natural History Museum in London and encounter the prehistoric ‘sea dragon’ Rhomaleosaurus, as it comes back to life before your eyes. Watch as this marine reptile roams the gallery over 180 million years after it died. See its muscles, movement, and skin texture, and learn all about how it lived using Google’s virtual reality viewer – Google Cardboard, and YouTube 360.

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Narrated by Bettany Hughes.
Video by Google.

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National Museum Maldives Website

National Museum Maldives Website, Rhomaleosaurus Sea Dragon: Back to life in 360 VR.

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Rhomaleosaurus Sea Dragon: Back to life in 360 VR, Get latest high definition online streaming videos about National Museum Maldives Website.

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