Maldive: Fulhadhoo Island

Published on April 26, 2021

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Second inhabited island we visited during our 21 days stay in Maldives.

The island is house to approx 300 islander with a local school and just a couple of small shop where you can get very basic item, soft drink and snack.

We stayed at Three House Guest House, lovely local guesthouse half board. If you really want to get a meal three times a day the only option is to get a full board package.

The island is just adorable for a perfect bikini beach, narrow but very long (2km) with some bamboo hut to shade the sun and some beach benches every few hundreds meters.
There were a maximum of 8 guests on the whole island at july, and every body on the island was super kind and helpful.

Guest houses can arrange fishing trips and sand bank trips, although we visited the closest to the island some 20 mt away from shore with just a canoe, kindly provided by Azoush Guest House.

Definitely a wonderful paradise to relax on the beach and do nothing for a few days.

We get to the island from Dharavandoo to Eydhafushi with a speedboat, then MTCC ferry up to Goidhoo and a very quick speedboat transfer arranged by the guest house.

The return trip was to Malè with a 20pax speedboat that take approx 2 hours.

Three Heart Guesthouse is now building 8 more rooms as per July 2017 and trying to open a local dive center by end 2017

Music by Joakim Karud

Fulhadhoo Beach Resort

Fulhadhoo Beach Resort, Maldive: Fulhadhoo Island.

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