"Coralarium" Semi-Submerged Art Gallery by Jason deCaires Taylor

Published on February 1, 2021

Interesting videos about What Countries Can I Visit During COVID 19, and National Museum Maldives Website, "Coralarium" Semi-Submerged Art Gallery by Jason deCaires Taylor.

Have you ever wondered what an underwater museum might look like? Wonder no more! Jason deCaires Taylor’s “Coralarium” is an incredible semi-submerged art gallery in the Maldives, filled with nearly 30 sculptures for visitors to view. Take a dive into this remarkable, environment-friendly installation.

Permission granted by Jason deCaires Taylor.

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National Museum Maldives Website

National Museum Maldives Website, "Coralarium" Semi-Submerged Art Gallery by Jason deCaires Taylor.

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"Coralarium" Semi-Submerged Art Gallery by Jason deCaires Taylor, Find interesting complete videos relevant with National Museum Maldives Website.

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