British Loyalty Wreck Addu Atoll – Maldives Scuba Diving

Published on January 25, 2021

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This is the biggest wreck in the Maldives. The 5.583 ton oil tanker British Loyalty was built in 1928 in New Castle. The ship was torpedoed twice by enemy submarines during the World War 2. The first time was by a Japanese midget submarine in Diego Suarez harbor, Madagascar on May 30, 1942. The ship settled on the bottom but was later repaired. She was torpedoed again in Addu Atoll harbor on March 9, 1944. The submarine had ingeniously fired through a gap in the submarine nets blocking Gan Kandu. The ship was damaged but not sunk and stayed here for the rest of the war. The Loyalty was finally scuttled inside the harbor on January 5, 1946, before the British withdrew from Gan. According to Mr. Mohammed Ibraheem Loutfi, who was a Maldivian liaison officer during the war, the ship was towed by tug to its present location and finally sunk by the guns of a British warship.
The propeller is at 28 meters and originally had four blades made of brass each two meters long. Now the topmost blade is missing but the remaining three are covered in big bushy black coral trees. In front of the engine room, about 60 meters from the stern are two large holes, one on the deck, the other on the keel. These are so big; divers can easily swim through from one side to the other. The holes were most likely caused by the torpedo blast. Visibility averages around 20 meters. Schools of blue-fin trevally and a large turtles swim around the deck while on the upper side many smaller fish have found a home among the coral.

Maldives Addu City YouTube

Maldives Addu City YouTube, British Loyalty Wreck Addu Atoll – Maldives Scuba Diving.

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British Loyalty Wreck Addu Atoll – Maldives Scuba Diving, Watch trending complete videos related to Maldives Addu City YouTube.

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There are various hotels and resorts offered and one of the very best is the Reethi Beach. It is one of the unique Maldives Travel resorts and is considered as a four-starred resort. It is 35 minutes to the north of Male and spreads over an area of 650 meters X 200 meters. Something that is special about this resort is the truth that it is a single storied structure. The ground flooring itself has around 100 spaces and you can not inspect into a room prior to 3 pm. If you do desire to explore Maldives, well that is a little bit of compromise that you would have to get used to.

Depending on your interest, if you desire to escape the tensions of life, work and wish to experience everyday getting up to the nature and sea, you may then want to remain in Maldives for a few weeks. However, if you take pleasure in shopping and exploring around, a 3 days 2 nights remain in Maldives Travel Destinations may appear enough for you.

The Banyan Tree Resorts must definitely be on the top of your list if cost is of no issue. With resorts in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan, Maldives Tourist and Seychelles, the Banyan Tree resorts are the lap of romantic luxury. Each resort is a bit different and rates differ wildly depending on place given that the currency in Japan is much stronger than the Thai currency.

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