Barracuda Giri North Male Atoll Maldives – spectacular reef formation and crazy fish soup!

Published on May 3, 2024

Top complete video about Maldives Travel in August, and Banana Reef Maldives Hotels, Barracuda Giri North Male Atoll Maldives – spectacular reef formation and crazy fish soup!.

Only 15 mins away from Thulhagiri Island is another of our favourite dive sites, Barracuda Giri, also called Okobe Thila. Why do we love it? Because the reef formation consists of 3 separate blocks, with overhangs, terraces, slopes and walls that you can zigzag around – the possibilities are endless, you will never do the same dive here. There is a lot of beautiful, multicoloured soft coral, large bushes of black coral, dark green midnight coral and huge, swaying gorgonians. More importantly, the reef is a magnet for the best of Maldives fish life! Very often we are surrounded by millions of fusiliers hunted by giant jacks and tunas. Napoleans, turtles, whitetip sharks and huge school of yellow snappers make this a completely spectacular dive.

Banana Reef Maldives Hotels

Banana Reef Maldives Hotels, Barracuda Giri North Male Atoll Maldives – spectacular reef formation and crazy fish soup!.

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Barracuda Giri North Male Atoll Maldives – spectacular reef formation and crazy fish soup!, Play trending updated videos related to Banana Reef Maldives Hotels.

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Barracuda Giri North Male Atoll Maldives spectacular reef formation
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